Prostrate Treatment….

As a man above 20 years, you should probably take time to get enough education about prostate cancer, know who is at risk of the condition, the common causes, symptoms, early signs and most importantly, the treatments available.

This is because prostate cancer is one singular common disease of the male gender. Statistics says one out of every nine males have prostate cancer with over average at the risk of having. As a matter of fact, having a prostate gland means you can have prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is one of the easiest cancer to treat provided detected early and ironically, it is one of the deadliest and difficult at the late or advanced stage. Your best bet is to detect early when treatment is still very feasible.

Detecting symptoms early can be quite problematic and this is why regular screening is always recommended. You may have it for months and not feel any symptoms, however as it grows and spreads in the body, certain symptoms starts manifesting.

Sufferer of the cancer can experience difficulty starting and maintaining urination, a frequent urge to urinate especially at night, blood in the urine or semen, extremely painful urination, pain on ejaculation, difficulty getting or maintaining an erection, pain or discomfort when sitting if the prostate is enlarged.

As the condition aggravates, very severe symptoms starts manifesting. They may include: bone fracture or bone pain; in the hips, thighs, or shoulders, edema or swelling in the legs or feet, weight loss, tiredness, changes in bowel habits and so on

Causes Of Prostate cancer

Having known the signs of prostate cancer, we should adequately discuss the set of people who are at risk of the disease and the likely causes.

Like I mentioned earlier, every normal man has a prostate provided a surgical procedure hasn’t been conducted. This means that all men can have prostrate cancer, however, some are more likely than others. Conditions that may promote susceptibility may include:

Age: The risk of prostate cancer increases with age. Men are more vulnerable about age 40 and above.

Genetic or Hereditary factors: Family history could be evidence of genetic susceptibility to prostate cancer. People who have histories of family members who had the disease should be more careful of the cancer.

Race: Research has shown that blacks are at greater risk of prostate cancer than whites and Asian races.

Asides these, there are other general lifestyle causes of prostate cancer such as: diet, obesity, smoking, exposure to harmful chemicals such as the herbicides, inflammation of the prostate, sexually transmitted infections, vasectomy, exposure to radiation and so on.

Treatment Of Prostate Cancer

This cancer is not a death sentence and in comparison to other kinds of cancer, victims have a better shot at recovery.

To improve one’s chances of recovery, early detection is important and this is why it is necessary for one to undergo screening especially if you fall under the category of people who are at greater risk.

At the early stage, simple treatment could cure the condition. In some cases, waiting could be recommended as the body can restore back. However at growing stages, surgical removal of the prostate through prostatectomy could be employed.

More severe treatments may include radiotherapy and chemotherapy which have very adverse effects, which may even be worse than the cancer itself.

Water Leaf Therapy

There is a good news in natural and herbal therapy as a very common plant has been researched to be effective as both a prophylactic and anaphylatic in prostate cancer treatment. This means that it can prevent you from coming down with prostate cancer and can also help treat the condition.

Water leaf is a common vegetable or weed we find growing in the wild around us. Many know this plant as a vegetable but only few are familiar with its medicinal properties. After going through this, you’ll learn how to harness this plant in treatment of prostate issues.

How To Use Water Leaf To Treat Prostate Cancer

This is a simple procedure you should follow religiously for improvement and proper treatment.

Pluck enough water leaf and wash clean to remove all dirt. Blend the leaves to a paste and add milk. Drink this before meal every day for treatment.

You can add honey to taste if you desire.

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