Urine Colours And Interpretations

The colours of your urine can indicate the state of your health and point to what goes on good or bad within your body system. It is important to take note of how your urine looks like (note the colour) as well as the sensation when passing it out.

Truly, the colours of your urine can actually tell the general state of your health. For instance, if there is blood in the urine this may point to problems with the kidney, urinary tract, urethra or bladder, etc.

Therefore, here below are some urine colours you should know and their interpretations. I believe once you know these, you can easily decode your urine colour next time you visit bathroom. I encourage your to read with an open mind.

a) Clear Urine Colour: A clear urine is usually a sign that you drink enough water and your body is greatly hydrated. The clearer the urine means enough water is consumed! And staying hydrated never harm or injure anyone.

b) Dark Yellow Urine: Dark yellow urine is a sign indicating the need to increase fluids, it is the major reason people are advised to take more water when the urine is dark yellow in colour.

c) Brown Urine Colour: Brown coloured urine is an indication that one is dehydrated in simple cases. But in some cases, it might be an indication of liver problem where immediate treatment should be sought for.

d) Orange Urine Colour: An orange coloured urine is usually an indication of very low water intake or in some cases, it might signify a problem with liver.

*e) Pinkish Red: When the urine is red then there’s a cause for alarm though in some cases it may be due to certain food or colouring in-take.

It could also be anything around kidney, bladder or prostrate cancer and medical check should be sought for immediately. Red urine usually signifies a mixture of urine with blood which is something NEVER to be ignored.

A change in urine colour is normal, but just occasionally it may be sign that you should seek medical advice. Most urine colour changes are harmless however, if you have visible blood in your urine, or your urine smells sweet or bad, or you are simply concern, it is better you seek Medical Attention.

Before I end today’s post, I will like to say, a healthy outside starts from the inside, you are creating your future health day by day, by what you eat and drink.

Health is wealthy, take care of yours.

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