Sleeping together is a must for every married couple.

It doesn’t matter if you have 50 rooms in your house, it doesn’t matter if your children have a room for themselves, but it is very important that the couple sleeps on the same bed in the same room.

The wife can have her own room where she keeps most of her belonging, female friends and family can sleep in wife’s room whenever they pay a visit.

Many couple sleep together only when they want to make love, and after having sex, they both go to their separate rooms. This habit is not good enough.

Don’t sleep together only when you want to have sex.

When couple sleep together, they gist, talk, romance each other, all this thing rekindle love and enhance intimacy between husband and wife.

Quarrel and pending unresolved matters can easily be attended to and resolved amicably when on the bed together.

Body contact of a couple is very important, everything is not about sex, when you sleep together you create awareness and bond.

Note this, when a couple sleeps in separate rooms, they can both fall into temptation because there will be freedom to relate with the opposite sex which can lead to adultery. You should not relegate the place of good sexual intimacy and activities in your bedroom. It is your privacy and anything can happen on the matter of sex between both of you. When couple sleeps in different rooms, their sexual life will be badly affected, this may destroy every other things in the home. Regular Sex is health to the couple body and mind, the home. Tension and conflicts are reduced where there is active sex life.

Eating together is another thing that can bring intimacy between husband and wife.

Eat together at least once in a day.

If possible eat together on the same plate, if not, eat at the same time.

Eating together as a family gives you a sense of belonging.

Wife, if your husband is likely to return very late at night from work, you can take light food to suppress hunger till he comes back. Make sure you eat together at least once a day.

Bathing together is fun.

Bathing together is romantic.

Married couples should cultivate the habit of bathing together. This should be done regularly most especially at night when the children are asleep and it will set a comfortable tone for an evening of romance and love making. You should enjoy seeing the nakedness of your spouse (husband or wife)at all times.

Communication is one of the vital ingredients of a successful marriage.

Good communication is healthy for your marriage.

There is power in communication as it energizes the couple and also binds them together as one. Don’t toy or failed to have good communication together often. By this, it shows you are both committed and your relationship is still alive functioning. Communication is what takes your relationship to the next level. Any marriage that looses its communication has lost its breath.

Dating is not limited to singles alone. Married couples should find time to go on a date too.

You can fix a day out of your busy schedule to go out on a date.

This type of dating does not involve children, you go out with your spouse and have fun.

Going out on a date often can strengthen your love and your intimacy with your spouse.

You need to see your spouse as your best friend, feel free to relate and play together.

Don’t operate like Boss and employee.

You need to see yourself as one and as a playmate.

Don’t be too serious to the point of not leaving a room to play together.

Watch movies together, read the word of God together, share ideas together, play games together…

Couples that pray together stay together. When you hold hands and pray, you connect with your spouse spiritually and physically.

When you pray together, you speak with one voice, you agree together spiritually.

Praying together regularly can do signs and wonders in your marriage.

Our Marriage is Blessed.

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