Reasons You Must Pray at Mid Night

You can pray anytime of the day and God will answer you but you need to know that Night prayer is a sacrificial prayer and God respond faster to sacrifice .

• Midnight is a time where Mysteries are revealed

• Midnight is a Time of Fellowship and Intimacy with The Holy Ghost .

• Midnight is a time you Invest In Your Destiny using the instrumentality of prayers.

• Midnight is a time of divine encounters and visitations. It is the time divine songs are released to Watchmen

• Midnight is time you reach depth in the things of God. It is a time you Increase in the anointing .

• Midnight is a time divine revelations and inspirations are birthed.

• Midnight prayers is what separates Boys from Men. Midnight is a time your enroll in the School of the Supernatural. One of the sacrifices of tge supernatural is to always stay awake to pray. .

Men of fire are men of prayer.

Your Gifts are good but it needs a touch of the Supernatural which can be received at the altar of prayer. .
You have little to offer to your generations if you sleep, watch movies every night .
To neglect prayer is to be far from exploits and impact .

• Midnight is a time you declare wars against Your Family Foundations .
You are Sleeping too much…Awake to Reign .
Invest In Midnight Prayers .

Pray in Tongues at the corner of your room, or outside every night at least 30 minutes from the hours of 11pm
Life is Fun to a natural man but to spiritual man life is a war.

• Midnight is the delight of generals and warriors in the vineyard of God.

Thank you

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