1. Put your kids in
    schools you can afford
    because expensive
    schools don’t
    guarantee good
    results or Education. Just
    ensure they attend a good
    affordable school, buy their
    books and supervise their
    Assignments/ Home work.
    Don’t be too busy that you
    cannot have time for your
    Family. Family time is very
  2. Rent apartments you
    can pay for
    conveniently. Don’t live
    in a house you struggle
    to pay rent yearly. If your 1 or
    2months salary or business
    profit can’t pay for your
    accommodation, that
    accommodation is not for
    your level. Get another one.
  3. A man whose wife is
    pregnant has good 9
    months to prepare,
    same as the pregnant
    woman in question. Don’t
    make it appear as an
    They should even plan
    for the worse and only
    seek help when they
    can’t meet up. Don’t
    Complain if you have not
    done your part.
  4. Some problems in our
    lives don’t just pop up,
    if you don’t own a
    home, we knew we
    would pay rents…So it’s
    not an emergency.
  5. Let’s plan our lives and
    live within our means.
    Save more and spend
    less and Invest wisely. Avoid
    unnecessary Expenses and
    Never invest in something
    that will make you rich
    overnight, it is Financial
    Scam. No seed grows
    to a tree overnight and
    provide fruits, not even
    tomatoes 🍅.
  6. Some women buy food
    for their children every
    morning before going
    to school or even for
    the whole family. Do
    you know it’s cheaper
    to cook at home? Make
    Provision for your family to
    have Financial discipline.
  7. Some people don’t
    earn much, but have
    DSTV at home, go for
    GOTV and upgrade
    when your income or income
    upgrades. It’s still the
    same CNN anyway!
    Besides, most people pay
    for cable subscription they
    don’t have light or time to
  8. Eat healthy meals and
    protect your family
    from mosquitoes to
    avoid going to the
    hospital always for Malaria. Sleep under mosquito treated
    net, saves you cost of
    treatment of malaria.
  9. Take advantage of
    food and fruits in
    season, its cheaper
    and you can be
    creative to create
    amazing meals. Every fruit
    in each season is meant to
    help your body fight
    sickness or health
    challenges in that season.

10.Don’t copy your
neighbor’s lifestyle, He or
she earns well and her
husband is a ‘big
man’ or the wife is from a supportive Family.

  1. Don’t follow trends,
    wear clean well-
    ironed clothes and
    keep your hair neat.
    You would still look
  2. Build relationships, no one
    Knows tomorrow.Keep your
    circle small, keep only
    friends that have
    senses and are ready to
    help you no matter the
  3. Above all things, have
    the fear of God, have
    integrity, don’t be lazy
    and be very prayerful.
  4. Planning is the key, if
    you fail to plan, you
    plan to FAIL.
  5. Don’t do more than
    your budget this
    year, there is no
    award given to best
    family that wore an
    expensive cloth for
    the year🤷🏻‍♂.

16.Don’t be in competition with
The purpose of shoes
and clothes are to cover our
nakedness, make us smart
and look good.

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