There are so many prostate drugs out there, each presenting itself to be the ultimate cure. But just because your doctor prescribes it does not necessarily mean it’s safe for you to take.

Many popular prostate drugs, as it turns out, come with the potential serious side effects. These drugs may cause short-term effects like nausea, dizziness and headaches. But long-term use of such prostate drugs may also lead to long-term disability of internal and external body organ, or even death (I’m not saying this to scare you please).

The question is, which prostate drugs are good for you? Really, if you look at the bad effects of these drugs, then without a doubt, the answer is none.

These chemicals may be backed by research for treating the symptoms of prostate enlargement and cancer. But they don’t treat the underlying cause.

As for the dangerous side effects of prostate drugs, such information is often kept from the public. Therefore, let’s take a look at some popular, commonly prescribed prostate drugs to have a better understanding of what I`m talking about.

::: Flomax: This is a popular prostate drug, and its generic name is Tamsulosin. It is classified as an alpha-blocker. These drugs block the action of the sympathetic nervous system.

As a result, it relaxes the sphincter muscles in the prostate and bladder neck. This makes it easier for prostate enlargement sufferer to urinate easily. But several studies support that Flomax causes life-threatening health challenges called High Blood Pressure popularly called hypertension.

High blood pressure is found among people who take Flomax, especially for men who are 60+ old, which have been taking the drug for less than 1 month.

If you are taking this drug for the long-term, you’re prone to sudden rise in blood pressure. Other side effects of flomax are loss of libido and even erectile dysfunction, premature ageing and long-term incontinence.

Flomax can actually do far more harm than good. Doctors prescribe Flomax more often than any other drug for the prostate. It’s because Flomax is considered by Doctors to be the most reliable, quick fix for prostate problems.

Flomax tricks you into thinking its working, you think you are getting better because the symptoms are getting a little better. But the nasty truth is that those improvements won’t last, they are not even real.

Flomax cannot shrink your enlarged prostate and does nothing to alleviate or cure the underlying condition. All it ever does is to HIDE your symptoms and let the problem get worse and worse until you cannot hide from it anymore. Be wise!

Take Caution – Live Healthy!

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